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Easy Checklist for Bathroom Renovation

The renovation of a bathroom is a big task, but if you do not invest time in planning and go through the essential checklist, the actual process of renovating may become complex than your imaginations. This is why it is necessary that you do not get overwhelmed by the time and other details. Similarly, problems related to the faux brick wall also needs consideration beforehand. Hence, the following tips will prove beneficial for you.

1. Budget Range

The first instinct of most of the people is to start buying the things required for the renovation; however, if you attempt to narrow down the budget first, it could save you from overspending. Similarly, you will be able to make informed decision rather than losing track of the money spent. For instance, if you are interested in remodeling, you can allocate the funds accordingly and the sense of organization will also improve with it.

2. Time Duration

You may be under the assumption that remodeling will take a couple of weeks to complete, however, when it comes to the real part of getting things done, it will turn out differently in addition to consuming more time. For instance, if you want to get most of the parts in the bathroom remodel, it will require work on the cabinets, fixtures and vanity cabinets, among others. So, if the material or pieces you want to install are not locally made, you may have to wait for the materials to arrive via an online order. Similarly, the skills of the labor will also determine the duration of the time. Hence, it is best to get the estimates first rather than meeting the deadlines.

 3. Work Order

Once you have made the list of the things, it is good to prioritize them so that a proper order is followed in order to save you time and money. For instance, you can start from cleaning the bathroom. The second step can focus on getting the old elements of the bathroom out. The third step should concern with the remodeling of the ceiling or floor and the last step can involve installation of the new pieces.

4. Unseen Problems

People like to go for affordable rates when it comes to making changes, however, if the person in charge of the remodeling is not a professional, it could charge you more than initial estimates. On the other hand, if you hire an expert, it may seem expensive to you, however, in the long-term, you will not have to face the unexpected problems. For instance, if the problem of floor leaking is fixed by using the low quality material, it could ruin the renovations you have done. This is why it good to get the good quality piece with the help of an expert. Starting from plumbing is another good idea.

5. Design Functionality

There are many pieces of the bathroom which may look appealing to you, but the functionality of the pieces is not good. Similarly, some of the colors can look good in your head; however, in terms of the practical use, it may not serve the purpose or look odd. Therefore, you will be expected to do research on the things you plan to get so that it will not be wasted. When you are shopping for the renovation, try to focus on the functionality of the pieces. If you can get those pieces that are functional and attractive, those are probably your best options. Moreover, the overall design of the bathroom should be practical rather than making it hard for you to utilize the bathroom in the best manner, Furthermore; the design should complement the overall design of the house.

6. Perfect Measurements

If you think measurements are not important, try to imagine a bathroom in which sink or the cabinets are not in proportion to the overall outlook. Similarly, the length of the plumbing pipe and bathroom fixtures need to be measured first so that they will fit well. If you do not take the measurements or they turn out to be wrong, it can increase your budget range. Hence, it is recommended that you get right measurements, especially if you do not want to waste the pieces you have bought for the washroom.

7. Contractor

If you can afford to hire a professional contractor, it may make it easy for getting everything in the perfect shape. This is not to say that it is a mandatory step, however, if you want the contractor to handle the issues of plumbing without your help, the contractor can save your time in this regard by taking charge of all the aspects.

8. Plumbing Fixtures

The features of the bathroom may include changes in the shower design, sink, and faucets; however, if you want to save money, you can get the broken one repaired. But if you have a generous budget, you can get somewhat all the features replaced. In order to change the appearance of the space, the door knobs can be changed in addition to the shower doors. If you want to color coordinate the features with the paint, you will have to decide it before getting the new paint.

9. Storage Features

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can add different types of storage options. For instance, shelves and cabinets can store your toiletries and medication. Similarly, things you use on the daily basis will become accessible for you. However, if you have a small space, try to add one option to store your stuff as it can get cluttered if you add more cabinets. The idea is to give the small washroom a spacious look.

10. Walls and Flooring

If you like the waterproof look, you can get the walls and floor of the bathroom coated with the material, however, if you are interested in making the space look colorful or appealing, there are a combination of patterns that can be added. In addition to the patterns and waterproof material, vinyl tiles look quite trending in addition to making it easy for you to clean. The durability of the material used in the walls and floor should be your main concern as it will make you bathroom interior long-lasting.


Lighting not only makes it easy to use the washroom space, but it can help to add depth and to create a beautiful atmosphere in the space. For instance, lighting in layers is one option. Similarly, if you use a combination of various lights, it can make it easy for you to enhance the interior of the space.

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